Who knew.....

my over drinking was simply a habit I could untangle

not a flaw in myself.

Hi I'm Debi...

Alcohol first came into my life to help me feel comfortable fitting in. As life went on it grew into my #1 way of coping with all of life.


I drank like the rest of my friends

Maybe you know how I mean.....


Hanging out with friends, family events, dinner with friends, date night with the hubby or gatherings of any kind....all flowing with alcohol.

A glass of wine while I cooked dinner or a reward for myself while I read a book or watched TV would often turn into a bottle or 2 on my own.

My Gray Area Drinking Habit 

took off once I became a Flight Attendant.


Wine & after dinner drinks from all around the world was a major part of my flight attendant life.


Wine & cocktails also became a part of my reconnecting with my husband after returning home.

Because I drank like the rest of my friends, it took courage for me to seek help with ending my habit of nightly alcohol consumption.

What I thought....

....I was somehow flawed because I had this habit.

What I knew was my drinking habit was limiting my life. 
The very things I love most in life.

The real truth is....

Any limiting habit is simply a coping pattern we've taught ourselves. Yes, even alcohol.

The awesome news is...

You can untangle the habit with flow and ease while designing in habits that help you experience life the way you want to.

The framework I applied to my drinking habit ended my desire for alcohol.

While helping me create a life I love.

Once I put my own oxygen mask on first, paused and put the focus on what I wanted the alcohol to do for me, everything changed.




I discovered what was blocking my exit.
Untangled the obstacles and walked out of that life forever. 

Now, I help people who feel just a trapped as I used to. 

Social conditioning and beliefs about "normal" drinking or "alcoholic" can cause people to hide, judge themselves and stay stuck for years. 


I want you to know you do have power. You can decide whether you want to drink less or stop drinking all together without labels, shame, blame, judgment or life long meetings.

You are not broken or flawed. You are 100% normal with a beautiful brain we can retrain.  


As humans we achieve more faster and quicker when we have a guide and others around us to cheer us on when we want to give up on ourselves.


My hunch is if you are here on this page.......


then your desire for change

feels like you are on a turbulent flight

with the seatbelt sign on, the oxygen masks have fallen, and

the flight attendant's are yelling "dawn your mask".


The question is.....

Are you ready to reach up and grab the mask?

If you choose to reach up for the mask, receive help, and

follow the framework offered to you....


You'll experience ups and downs.


You'll wonder what you were thinking.....


You'll learn more about yourself...


You'll develop skills to transform any habit...


As you take the journey one baby step at a time

you'll make your old habit small and irrelevant.


You'll find freedom and independence.


You'll experience laughter


You'll build your butterfly wings


You'll cry


You'll giggle


You'll find a love for life you never thought possible.

Let me help you.

  • Evidenced Based

  • Personalized

  • Judgment Free

  • Shame Free

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