Become the most energized, present and joyful version of you!

It's not aging causing aches, pains, and slughishness.... it's the alcohol!

When it comes to your alcohol consumption, do you? 

Worry life with less or no alcohol will lack fun, joy and excitement?

Inside EXIT & Beyond, you discover what you're truly craving.

Plus learn how to fulfill your craving without relying on alcohol. 

Want to be able to let alcohol "just be" without worrying a craving will "take over"?

Inside EXIT & Beyond Membership you'll learn to decide where and how alcohol fits inside the life you want to create.

Wish you could stop going along to get along? Stop saying yes when you'd rather say no? 

As a member of EXIT & Beyond, you gain the

self-confidence to define what you want, declare it & create it.

  • When you take the focus off of abstinence and focus on the true craving behind each drink, something incredible happens.

  • We all crave. We crave approval. We crave attention, affection and most of all, we crave the freedom to embrace life and our unique self.

  • The tools inside the Yes to Life Community help stop believing "I can't change" and start believing "I am the kind of person who can change."

  • Imagine understanding your craving, allowing yourself to meet your needs without using alcohol to soothe yourself. 

  • The desire to transform your relationship with alcohol is a plea for something deeper, a yearning for a different way of living, a different way of being. 

  • Yes to Life Community is the

    modern-day approach to loving you exactly as you are while you create your epic life!

    This membership is designed to help uncover what you're really craving.

    Plus the self-confidence to figure out anything life brings your way.


    We focus on strengths, desires and dreams instead of weakness and failure.

    • You decide if you want to drink less or stop all together. The choice is 100% yours to make.

    • It's a proven methodology many have used to confidently exit the pattern of drinking, over drinking, shame & regret....while defining, declaring and creating a life they love living. 

    • You learn how to savor the sweetness & saltiness of life. 

    • You build the confidence to live authentically, define what you want in life and go about creating it. 

    • You learn to let your past attempts be your teacher instead of the predictor of the future.

    • Magic happens when you commit to small changes every day.

    When I first found Debi, I felt like I was in a lake full of quicksand! I kept  continually going back to the drink until I "rang the flight attendant call bell" & asked for help. The EXIT Upward Growth process & exploring my beliefs is what helped me answer my true me back my "off-switch". ~ Laura

    I no longer loath myself for being unable to figure out how to change my relationship with alcohol. Each week I discover more and more beliefs that make total sense as to why I would have made the choice to drink. I love retraining my brain. I feel so powerful! ~ Kim

    The support, the pointing out when I was believing my story and how it was impacting my actions was the game changer. Learning to allow the urge, feel discomfort and figuring out what I actually craved were the magic keys I needed to end my struggle.  I'm staying to keep creating my extraordinary life.  ~ Jane

    Change your relationship with alcohol forever

    Figure out what you're actually craving.

    Trust yourself & stop self-sabotage in its tracks

    Create an amazing relationship with yourself

    NEWS Flash....many of the symptoms you currently believe are natural parts of aging fade away as you release alcohol from you life!

    You create a life that is blissful, fun, and way more pleasurable than you ever thought possible. Without feeling deprived.

    What is your current relationship with alcohol truly costing you?

    For me my cost was:

    Joy ~ Happiness ~ Connection. 


    There are many truths about alcohol we aren't aware of.....


    Your Mind - our mental health, well-being, and happiness are all impacted by the affect alcohol has on our brains. 


    Your Body - our physical fitness and optimal health is put at risk because of what alcohol does in the body.


    Your Relationships - Alcohol blocks our ability to have deep, honest and meaningful connections with the people important to us.


    Your Finances - The cost of alcohol is high in dollars, time, productivity and connection. 

    What is staying in the cycle truly costing you?

    Ready to ignite curiosity and change that? 


    Join the amazing members inside the Yes to Life Community!

    This is an investment in a life filled with endless possibilities, inner peace and abundance.

    • Stop excessive spending on alcohol and start saving for experiences - imagine what you can do with the money you currently spend on alcohol. 

    • End the cycle  - discover what you're really craving. Learn to solve your true craving. Trust yourself to handle anything life brings your way. Let alcohol truly become a small & irrelevant part of your life

    • Growth Workshops  - Build the confidence in yourself to decide what you want, declare it and get to work creating it. Create a life filled with joy, bliss and endless possibilities.

    • The EXIT Methodology - A way to work with your brain to create extraordinary things!  

    • On going coach support. - Live coaching with Debi. Ask a coach area for Q & A and email support. Receive the borrowed benefits from others' discoveries as well as your own. 

    • Additional Support  - Sunday Shine video emails, workbooks, Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask tactic toolkit, video, audio and written support. All designed to help you fulfill what you're actually craving. 

    The Fine Print

    Yes to Life Community is a membership. You'll receive a DEEP discount if you choose the annual option. If you show up and do the work, you will stop believing "I can't" and start believing "I am the kind of person who can". 

    This is an investment in a life filled with endless possibilities, inner peace and abundance.

    More Fine Print

    Yes to Life Community is a membership.  You may cancel at any time. You'll have access to all support offered until the end of your payment period. You'll be charged either monthly or monthly, based upon the option you pick.  You may cancel at any time.




    I’m really nervous about committing

    I haven’t yet been successful at anything before. What if I keep failing?

    Will you teach me how to reintroduce alcohol?

    Do I need to stop drinking forever?

    How Does Coaching Work?

    What if I need individualized Coaching?

    What happens when I first join? 

    Why do you begin with belief instead of a 30-day challenge? 

    How long will I have access to the coursework?

    I'm unsure about the coaching part. How does that work?

    I don't want to work on my drinking right now but this sounds amazing. Can I get help with money, food, or relationships instead? 

    Is there a social media component? 


    Once I sign up for the membership, when will my card be charged?

    Can I use my health savings account or insurance?

    Will I be able to cancel my membership?

    Do you offer refunds?


    If you have a question that wasn’t answered in the FAQ, do contact support.
    Click here to submit a question to support.

    Stop believing "I can't" and start believing "I can"

    JOIN Yes to Life!

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