I'm Debi and I'm 64
I used to believe it was too late for me to change. I was too old. I was too flawed.

With the right approach, you'll stop believing "I can't change" and start believing "I'm the kind of person who can change".

This is a space for the 55+

individual who wants to drink less  alcohol and live an epic life!

No Judgement - Just Support 

I SUPPORT you step by step to achieve whatever matters to you.

I was stuck in a shame, blame & regret cycle.  Turns out it was not a "me" problem but an approach problem.

Yes to Support!

You don't need to become a different person.
You don't need willpower.

You simply need to be you.

You are perfect as you are.

As a Coach I help people feel good about who they are right now and help them gain the

self-confidence to achieve anything they want.

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